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“Rules & Tools” – Tips for Better Skin Care

At Georgia Dermatology Center our total purpose and focus is on our patient’s skin. We want your skin to be healthy from head to toe. While we are here if you have a skin problem, we believe it is our duty to keep our patients well informed about how you can prevent having skin issues. That’s why we have developed a series of “Rules & Tools” – Tips for Better Skin Care that can help you become better educated on the care of your skin. After all, you’re planning to be wearing it for a lifetime!
To help you stay informed, we have just up-dated our website. It is full of information about  about skin care, skin conditions, and skin treatments. Also, you can discover the latest in the state-of-the-art technologies in anti-aging procedures. We also have a new video library and monthly blogs on relevant and current topics about keeping your skin healthy and young looking.

Beautiful skin start here! Now for this month’s “Rules & Tools”:



Remember, the #1 cause of skin damage is the sun. Use your sunblock whenever you aregoing to be outside…especially during the summer when activities are outdoors. We recommend the Elta line of sun care products.


Medical Grade Sunscreen | Atlanta | Georgia Dermatology Center

1. Elta MD Sun Care: Think SPF, your Spring Protection Factor with Elta MD products.
Every day to protect from sun’s harmful rays and anti-aging.







Sun Protection | Atlanta | Georgia Dermatology Center

2. Scala Hats: Fashion and Function! The Scala sun hats have protection woven into the fabric. Blocking 97.5% of the sun’s UV rays, a UPF of 50+.



#2 RULE: You can NOT get a safe tan from the sun or a tanning bed.



For a “safe tan”, Georgia Dermatology Center suggests Tantaisia, by Jane Iredale. It is a moisturizing self-Tanner and Bronzer for the face and body.


#3 RULE: Protect your skin from pollution

Pollution is aging our skin. Next to the sun, it is the #2 cause of harmful effects to the skin. So what about particulate matter (pollution) that gets trapped in your pores? It’s 20 times smaller than a pore!
In a recent study on skin aging, findings on exposure to pollution showed increases of +22% hyperpigmentation and also increases in deeper facial wrinkling.

See the following video from the Weather Channel that outlines skin protection from pollution.

TOOLS #3 – What can we do to prevent the aging effects of pollution on the skin?

Cleansers, and quality Skin Care Products:

  • Cleansing our skin with a quality cleanser is key to removing the pollutant in the pores. Also, using a brush such as Clarisonic Sonic Cleanser removes 30 times more age-accelerating pollutants then manual cleansing alone.
  • Hydrating is important to minimize pore size and thereby minimize the pollutants in the pores. Use a quality moisturizer and drink lots of water to enhance your skin and fight aging.
  • Anti-Oxidants will act as a protective shield against pollutants. Avoiding the outside is not enough, even when indoors; we are only protected from particulate matter by 30%.

At Georgia Dermatology we have the specialized cleansers, moisturizers, treatments along with Clarisonic brushes that can ensure your skin has a deep cleaning, and is primed to protect you from the aging impacts of pollutants.

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