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Get That Sun-Kissed Glow Without Sun Exposure

Almost everyone warms to the look of a sun-kissed spring glow. Today’s active man or woman can now achieve the look of a deep tan without hours of baking in the hot sun while maintaining healthy, glowing skin. Recent improvements to self-coloring creams, lotions, or self-tanners help to achieve a gorgeous, natural look without streaks. Many of today’s self-tanning skin products also avoid ingredients responsible for unpleasant smells or odors, too.

Georgia Dermatology Center skin care specialists know that spending hours in the sun is dangerous to the skin. A short-lived tan now can promote discoloration or skin cancer in the future. Although it’s wonderful and health-promoting to spend short periods in the sun for essential vitamins and fresh air, it’s unnecessary to risk skin damage from hours of unprotected skin exposure.


Safe Sunless Tanning

self-tanning skin products | Georgia Dermatology CenterAccording to the Food & Drug Administration, dihydroxyacetone (DHA), the active ingredient in many sunless tanner skin care regimens, is safe for most body and facial skin. However, it’s not approved for use around the mouth, nose, or eyes.

Lots of people say that finding a great self-tanner is very challenging: they’re looking for a silky feel and lightweight texture that’s absent in most. That’s why Georgia Dermatology Center, located in Cumming, serving the Atlanta area and the cities of Milton, Alpharetta, Gainesville, Suwanee, Sandy Springs, and Roswell, is pleased to offer a hydrating self-tanner that’s easy to apply it simply glides on. With Tantasia by Jane Iredale there’s no need to wait for hours to get a perfect spring glow. This exceptional product instantly offers a shimmery, sheer bronze color that’s gorgeous and true. It uses natural citrus ingredients and pigments used in top cosmetics so that almost every person can enjoy it without irritation. The most discriminating individuals in search of glowing, healthy skin use this one year-round.


Perfect Skin Care

Some people prefer the natural color of their skin and don’t like the look of tanned skin. Perhaps they’re fair, or naturally and beautifully darker skinned. According to our board certified dermatologists, Dr. Alex Gross and Dr. Henna Pearl, it’s essential to use sun screen every day. They recommend using an SPF of 15 or higher, but it’s a good idea to ask one of our dermatologists about the best sunscreen product, SPF, and all the right skin care regimens for your specific skin type. In addition to using the right skin products for your skin, our doctors recommend use of UV Protection Factor (UVF) clothing or coverups.

Because healthy skin is beautiful skin, it’s important to get regular check-ups where our dermatologists look for suspicious moles, changes in skin (that may be pre-cancerous), actinic keratosis, or skin cancers.

If you live in the greater Atlantic area and want beautiful, healthy skin with a sun-kissed glow, contact Dr. Henna Pearl or Alexander Gross today. Georgia Dermatology Center offers a wide array of advanced dermatology and skin care beautification services to patients in Cumming, Alpharetta, Johns Creek, and metro Atlanta.

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