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Spider veins are small, dilated, red or blue blood vessels that remain superficial in the skin. They are more common on the legs, but can occur on the face as well. Varicose veins are larger dilated blood vessels that appear raised above the skin’s surface.

Spider and varicose veins cannot always be prevented, but there are steps that can minimize the chance attaining the damaged veins, such as wearing support hose, exercising and maintaining a normal weight, eating a high-fiber diet, and avoiding high-heeled shoes. Sun protection can also aid in preventing spider veins on the face.

Spider and varicose veins affect an estimate of 80 million adults in the U.S. Though the exact cause is unknown, heredity, pregnancy, and hormonal changes can be contributing factors. The damaged veins become more likely as people age. Though most concerns are cosmetic in nature, varicose vein patients also seek treatment due to medical concerns, such as disabling pain and ulcers.

Georgia Dermatology offers Sclerotherapy and Laser Vein Therapy.

Sclerotherapy is a non surgical, virtually pain free procedure used to treat blood vessels (commonly known as spider veins) in the legs. The procedure that involves injecting a medical solution into the vessels, causing them to shrink. Results from this treatment occur gradually over the next several weeks with maximum results occurring after several months. The treatment is very effective for most patients. Some patients require more treatments for maximum results.

Laser Vein Therapy provides vascular treatment of spider veins in the face area safely and effectively in 1-3 treatments. The procedure involves using laser technology, a combination of light and radio frequency energies. There is minimal to no downtime associated with the procedure and most people experience no side effects. However, some may experience short term reddening to the treatment areas.

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