Don’t Suffer with the Effects of Acne

acneIf you are one of the many people who deal with acne on a continuous basis, you know the embarrassment it can cause. Acne is a skin condition that typically causes pimples, as well as whiteheads, blackheads, and red, inflammed patches of skin. Most often it is related to hormonal changes due to adolescence, but adults can deal with acne as well.

In fact, there can be many variables, such as skin type and hormone levels, associated with individual types of acne. When your skin is in balance, it is the healthiest.  Research has shown that the four main causes is excess oil, clogged pores, bacteria, and inflammation/irritation. Heredity, hormones, menstruation, and emotional stress can trigger or make acne worse. Contrary to popular belief, research indicates that chocolate, nuts, and greasy foods are not causes of acne. As well, sunburn, shaving, over dryness, and their topical remedies, as well as cosmetics, may also clog the pores and foster imbalance. Overall, the more irritation your skin experiences, the more likely it is to break out.  This is why it’s important to visit a board certified dermatologist like Dr. Gross, who can educate you on what type of acne you have, and then create a customized skin care regimen for your unique skin.

Dr. Gross will recommend a treatment which will include a twice daily cleansing regimen using a gentle cleanser, potentially with a salicytic acid component, to remove excess sebum, oil that the body creates to keep skin from drying out. Patients should avoid excessive cleansing, harsh cleansers, and hot water, as it can irritate skin and worsen acne. As acne bacteria cannot survive in the presence of concentrated oxygen, treatment may also include a medicated topical ointment or lotion containing benzoyl peroxide, which penetrates the skin and delivers oxygen. In cases with extreme, widespread, and potentially scarring , Dr. Gross may prescribe an oral antibiotic or the medication Accutane, which he closely monitors over the course of your care.

Don’t suffer with the effects of this embarrassing disease. Georgia Dermatology Center offers custom treatment regimens  consisting of topical medications and other special treatments.


Georgia Dermatology Center has now partnered with Olansky Dermatology & Aesthetics. This partnership gives our patients added confidence and convenience when choosing the right source for their skin-related medical needs.

Our acclaimed providers, staff, and top-tier level of service will remain the same, Dr. Gross will be here to lead the charge at our Cumming office. We will continue to provide our patients with the same quality care and excellent service that has made us the “Best of Forsyth” for eight years in a row.

Georgia Dermatology Center’s suite of services will be increased by several additions. These include Mohs surgery, an advanced surgical procedure that removes skin cancer effectively using only local anesthesia. Additionally, this partnership will allow our patients to take advantage of a larger group of accepted insurance options. This widens the scope of patient access without incurring out-of-network fees.

The end result of this merger will only heighten patient care, and that is our primary mission.

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