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Repair and Prepare: Transitioning Your Skin From Summer to Fall

shutterstock_69708106_reducedAll those afternoons at the pool may have done wonders for your tan, but the reality is that too much sun exposure only adds more difficulty to the uphill battle known as aging. You only live once, however, and whether you protected your skin while outdoors, or you’ve remained a sun-worshiper, modern skin procedures bring hope to many of us who are trying to slow the signs of aging and correct the past damage.

Below are some extremely effective ways to ensure that your face a neck give a glowing, youthful appearance.


Triniti™ is excellent for reducing the visible signs of sun damage, improving wrinkles, texture and tone in only one treatment. Triniti™ combines the Fotofacial, Refirme, and Matrix treatments for the most effective results possible and with little downtime.

Micro Laser Peel™:

The Micro Laser Peel is also way to treat fine lines and sun damage. Short pulses of laser energy gently ablate the outer layers of the skin at precise depths to eliminate unwanted pigmentation and fine lines. Deeper treatments improve acne scars and deeper wrinkles.


ProFractional treatments enhance the overall appearance of your skin’s tone, texture, and reduce acne scars and wrinkles. The depth and density of your treatment varies on your specific needs, and the great news is that the results are permanent.

Which one is right for you? The only way to determine this is to schedule a consultation to have an assessment made of your skin’s needs and the ideal treatment. Your face and neck don’t have to reflect the years of sun you’ve exposed it to. This Fall and Winter, make sure your face and neck are worthy of taking center stage when the rest of your body is covered.

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