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Rash, bumps, pimples: follicles could be the culprits

Folliculitis News

Inflamed hair follicles can lead to inflamed tempers. When a number of hair follicles become infected, it’s called folliculitis; and it’s not a pretty sight. The condition includes a variety of symptoms that can vary from annoying to embarrassing:

  • Clusters of small red bumps or white-headed pimples or pus-filled blisters that break open and crust over
  • Red, inflamed skin or itchy, burning skin
  • Tenderness or pain
  • A large bump or mass

The root cause

Since humans are mammals, our bodies are mostly covered by hair, and each hair is rooted in a follicle. There are many situations that can cause the follicle to become inflamed:

  • Shaving or wearing tight clothing
  • Heat and sweat or bathing in a poorly maintained hot tub
  • Skin conditions, e.g., dermatitis or acne
  • Injuries such as scrapes or surgical wounds
  • Tape, medical dressings, and other skin coverings

Get the right diagnosis

The cause of folliculitis can be bacterial or fungal. Folliculitis is not life threatening; but advanced cases, called deep folliculitis, can cause boils, sores that do not heal and scarring. If you think you might have folliculitis, see one of the doctors at Georgia Dermatology to get a diagnosis and start treatment.

Examination and treatment

Once the doctor examines you and diagnoses the cause of your folliculitis, he or she can formulate a treatment plan. Although oral antibiotics are not often used to treat inflamed follicles, there are several antibiotic creams that can be useful. For folliculitis that is caused by a fungus or yeast, there are antifungal creams. Steroid creams, which can only be used for a limited time, can be used to treat inflammation. If there is dense hair in the area of the folliculitis, the doctor may ask you to consider laser hair removal as a way to alleviate the problem or solve it all together. There are many effective treatments to alleviate suffering from folliculitis and its inflammation.

If your symptoms persist

Make an appointment with Dr. Alexander Gross at Georgia Dermatology Center if your condition gets worse or it persists. You don’t have to suffer with folliculitis and its symptoms.

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