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NovaThreads: A Face Lift Alternative

illustration showing NovaThreads | Georgia Dermatology CenterNovaThreads is the latest minimally invasive alternative to a traditional face lift, without the long downtime. The procedure is performed using a hypodermic needle that is preloaded with a polydioxanone (PDO) absorbable suture. These are the types of sutures that are used during open-heart surgeries, making it a very safe material to leave inside the body for eventual full absorption. Within four to six months, your skin will absorb the sutures, without any visible scarring.

During a NovaThreads procedure, a suture is injected into the skin which results in a true lifting result that tightens skin. This procedure is best for instantly lifting the areas around the neck and the jawline. It is also used to tighten the skin in other facial areas, such as the eyebrows and cheeks. The procedure can be performed anywhere on the body, and is especially effective when used to tighten skin above the knees, on the stomach, or the thighs. NovaThreads are performed in your local Atlanta office, under an anesthetic, so there is no pain felt. There is also no downtime. After the procedure, you can perform your normal, daily activities.

How a NovaThreads Lift Is Performed

The skin area will be numbed using a topical and a local anesthetic. Your north Atlanta physician will mark the areas to be treated. He will then insert the threads beneath the skin using a small hollow needle. The threads then work to lift and support sagging skin without making any incisions or removing any skin. Once the sutures have been inserted, the needle is removed from the skin, leaving the NovaThreads behind. How many sutures are used will depend upon the area to be lifted. The threads used will be either smooth or barbed, depending upon what your dermatologist recommends. They are placed about 2-3mm deep within your skin. The results can last you from one to two years. The smoother threads are often used to smooth fine lines and wrinkles. The thicker, barbed threads are appropriate for defining the lip border, filling deep wrinkles, and lifting the skin for a more youthful, natural appearance.

Alexander Gross, M.D. performs lifts using NovaThreads at the Georgia Dermatology Center, which is located in the north Atlanta area in Cumming, Georgia. Georgia Dermatology Center serves the Atlanta area and the cities of Milton, Alpharetta, Gainesville, Suwanee, Sandy Springs, and Roswell.

This article is not meant to take the place of professional medical advice. If you would like more information or have questions about NovaThreads or Georgia Dermatology Center and Medical Spa, please contact our staff or make an appointment to consult with Alexander Gross, M.D.

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