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New Year, New Skin

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New Year, New Skin

As another year comes to a close here in Atlanta, Georgia, it’s that time when most of us set some resolutions for 2014. While we won’t begrudge you resolving to spend more time with your family, less time on Twitter, more time at the gym, eating healthier, or generally being a better person, at Georgia Dermatology Center, we want to challenge you to include at least one skin care resolution for 2014. And rather than leave you grasping at straws and coming up with your own idea, here are several suggestions:

1) Wear sunscreen… everyday:

Even though public policy makers cracked down on the dangers of tanning beds this past year, we don’t believe most people do enough to protect their skin from the everyday dangers of the sun. Sure, most of us (hopefully!), know that we should wear sunscreen when we go to the beach or during the months when the sun is bright and the temperature is high; but, at Georgia Dermatology Center, we recommend that your daily moisturizing lotion include some sunscreen protection as well. Protecting your skin from the daily wear and tear of the sun is important year around, even during the cold winter months.

2) Keep your skin hydrated:

Having healthy hydrated skin isn’t just a matter of using moisturizing lotion twice a day. To keep your skin soft and looking young, you need to drink water throughout the day and avoid taking long, hot showers. When you do use moisturizing lotion or oil, be sure to apply the product on your damp skin after showering. This will allow for the most absorption

3) Keep your skin smooth:

Finally, to keep your skin smooth, firm, and producing collagen, use skin care products that contain Retinol or topical vitamin C. Products with these ingredients helps give you skin a youthful smoothness and tone by helping stimulate collagen production.

From all of us at the Georgia Dermatology Center, we hope you and your skin have a great 2014!

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