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Vitamin C For End of Summer Skin

Vitamin C Serum Summer Skincare Essential As summer winds down it’s important to treat your skin with extra care. UVA and UVB rays can stress out skin, but Vitamin C can help neutralize this reaction – reducing skin irritation, irregular pigmentation, collagen breakdown and photoaging that results from sun damage. How to Use Vitamin C […]

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Warning – Sun Exposure Can Be Dangerous!

When the sun beckons you to come outside and enjoy the beautiful weather, it’s easy to forget about the dangers of sun exposure to your skin. Scientists and physicians have been warning us for years about the sun’s harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays and damage they can do to our health. According to the American Cancer […]

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Skin Cancer Prevention Tips

Ultraviolet Light Skin cancer prevention is a vital part of protecting your health each day. This dangerous condition takes many years to develop requiring individuals to take precautions now to avoid complications later. Cancerous cells on the surface of skin tissue or underlying layers occur several years after extensive ultraviolet sunlight exposure. In the past, […]

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Is Fake Tan Safe?

Is fake tan safe?  This is the type of sunless tanning that goes on as a spray tan or lotion. Are these good alternatives for getting the golden tan you want and desire? By now you should know that lying out in the sun or using a tanning bed is a huge no-no! Each have […]

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Are Your Sunscreen Ingredients Safe?

FDA on Sunscreen Ingredients In February 2019, the FDA announced a new proposal on sunscreen safety that could overhaul the entire industry. They have focused on examining the 16 different active ingredients found in sunscreens available in the marketplace today. They have announced that only 2 ingredients, zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, are deemed safe […]

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