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Belly Fat is the Hardest to Lose

Belly Fat

It’s so frustrating to not be able to lose belly fat!

Washboard abs: That elusive goal continues to guilt us into making weekly resolutions to go to the gym more and to eat fewer carbs. When it comes to getting a flat stomach, is pain necessary for gain?


Here are the main reasons why it’s so hard to lose belly fat:



Due to hormonal changes and the aging process, burning fat gets harder as you get older, so the stubborn pouch around your abdomen is no exception. Pre-menopause and menopause also affect belly fat. And if you’ve been fit all your life, these changes in your body can be quite hard to handle.



Pregnancy and childbirth change how your abdominal muscles look. The key to toning your tummy after childbirth is doing exercises as soon as you get approval from your doctor. Most doctors allow you to resume exercising about 6 weeks after giving birth, but if you’ve had a C-Section, that recovery time may be a bit longer. Start with kegel exercises that tone your pelvic floor muscles. Throw in some aerobic activity to your plan and remember to take it slowly the first few weeks.


Muscle Memory

Some ab exercises can yield results, while others seem to do nothing for your midsection. It could be because your muscles are getting lazy! There’s this thing called muscle memory. Muscles are easily worked out, but after doing the same ab exercises over and over, your muscles get used to the exercise and they stop building. They know the drill. So switch up your routines.


High Calories

If you’re seeing extra fat on your midsection, diet could be the biggest factor. It’s simple: Consuming too many calories adds extra fat to your belly. It’s hard to burn fat if you consistently eat the wrong foods. Be intentional about your daily food and drink intake. Work on a meal plan to eliminate high-calorie foods and incorporate foods that burn fat into your new plan. Eggs, low-fat dairy, and high-protein lean meats are excellent foods to eat.



Stress is one of the leading causes of belly fat. When you’re under stress, your body releases stress hormones that tell it to store extra pounds around your mid-section. Most of this fat settles in your belly. Once you have the things that add stress to your life under control, it may be easier to burn the fat.

So, is burning belly fat really “no pain, no gain?” Until the introduction of Exilis, the answer was yes. Losing weight is never easy, but with new technology like Exilis, getting rid of belly fat and other trouble areas is easier and quicker than ever. We do recommend you making the healthy lifestyle choices mentioned above, but if you’ve longed for a slimmer stomach for years and not seen results, consider Exilis. Schedule a consultation with Georgia Dermatology.

Liposuction to permanently remove belly fat is another option. Dr. Gross has performed liposuction on patients for over 20 years and has had excellent results. Schedule a private consult with Dr. Gross to see if liposuction is the best way to remove your belly fat for good!


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