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The Newest Fillers – RHA 2, 3 & 4

Our Newest Fillers: RHA 2, 3,&4

Newest fillers RHA 2, 3 & 4RHA 2, 3 & 4 are the first and only FDA-approved injectable resilient hyaluronic acid fillers designed to adapt to facial movements. RHA  fillers feature a unique combination of fillers that deliver natural-looking youthful skin. RHA fillers smooth and plump the skin on the face, neck and even the hands. The unique make-up of this filler allows it to stretch and adapt to every movement of the face and neck.

The most common areas for fillers are under eyes, cheeks, and jawline. Fillers are recommended over other injectables and toxins such as Botox when your wrinkles and fine lines are visible even when there is no facial movement. Unlike Botox, which works on dynamic wrinkles by limiting muscle movements, RHA (Resilient Hyaluronic Acid) fillers smooth wrinkles by restoring lost volume in your tissues.

Reverse Signs of Aging

Our newest fillers, the Collection of RHA fillers use a newly manufactured hyaluronic acid that more closely resembles the natural hyaluronic acid found in our skin. With the aging process, the natural production of hyaluronic acid slows down, leaving our skin with more wrinkles and less volume. Injectables such as RHA fillers work to reverse these signs by adding volume to your skin. The innovative hyaluronic acid formula found in RHA2,3 and 4 preserves the natural structure of HA to look and act more like the HA in our bodies. These fillers are designed to adapt to the dynamic movement of your facial muscles, and they reduce the appearance of dynamic facial wrinkles while your face is at rest or in motion without limiting the mobility of your facial muscles.

How Long Will the Results Last?

RHA fillers can last longer than other filler products. Initial results typically appear within 48 hours, with full results appearing in 2 weeks. Results can last up to 12 months, depending on various factors such as lifestyle, age, and the area that was treated.

Dr. Alexander Gross is proud to introduce the newest fillers RHA 2, 3 & 4 specially designed to adapt to facial movement without limiting the movement of the facial muscles. This ensures more natural looking results.


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