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The New ProFractional Laser: Cosmetic procedures just keep getting better

With the Hollywood awards season in full force, dewy, wrinkle-free celebrity faces dominate the media; masterfully concealing their true age and reminding us of how far cosmetic procedures have come in delivering natural and subtle, yet dramatically good results. Here’s the good news for you: the gap between how you want to look and actually getting those results is no longer as deep and wide as the wrinkles you want to correct. With new laser treatments like the ProFractional laser, you have an extremely high chance of looking years younger with relatively easy, more affordable, and less invasive solutions.

The ProFractional laser treatment is one the most advanced procedures designed to effectively take years off your skin’s appearance without going under the knife. This laser treatment provides deeper treatment to the skin in a safer way. The ProFractional laser is usually used to refresh the face, but can also be used to treat aging and skin issues on the neck, chest, hands and other areas of the body as well.

The ProFractional laser gives new meaning to the term “baby soft skin.” Have you ever noticed how quickly a baby’s skin heals after a cut or scrape? This is due to the young skin’s incredible ability to repair itself quickly and to produce collagen more efficiently. The ProFractional laser stimulates a similar response in our skin. For example, the facial tissues beneath the skin are heated and treated by the laser because it has the ability to penetrate the skin. Collagen production also shoots up as an effect of the heat. Plus, the precision of the laser allows it to target problems in specific locations.

The procedure is simple. An anesthetic cream is first applied to the targeted skin to numb the stinging sensation caused by the laser. The process is more uncomfortable than painful. The area of skin is then treated with laser energy in rhythmic patterns. The size and the condition of the area being treated determines the duration of the process. On average, most treatments can usually be completed within only fifteen to thirty minutes. So, your busy schedule shouldn’t hinder your ability to have the procedure done. Not only that; recovery isn’t lengthy either. You can return to your daily routine within just two days.

The laser uses Fractional tissue sparing to target the skin only in specific places and at certain depths, avoiding the heavy ablation techniques associated with laser procedures of the past. Expect some reddening, swelling, and peeling in the treated area. This recovery time should subside in about two weeks, as is fairly common for most related skin procedures. Healing time can be a bit longer for some. After the procedure, the skin will be brand new, so sensitivity will increase. For this reason, sunscreen is required and other products may be recommended.

As you begin to recuperate within two to three days after the procedure, you’ll most likely already see improvements that will only become more significant within a matter weeks. Your skin looks healthier. Acne scars fade. Age lines become more smooth and evened out.

In addition to getting great results through a non-invasive, quick and convenient procedure with little recovery time, your newer, younger-looking skin lasts longer than some alternative cosmetic options. While fillers like botox last from 4 to 6 months, the skin’s improvements from the ProFractional laser treatment can endure for years, depending on the aging rate of the skin. Doctors typically may recommend that patients return for three more ProFractional laser treatments in order to get the most desirable results.

The truth is that we are all aging. The other truth is that now, with the introduction of treatments like the ProFractional laser, aging is now more beautiful than ever.

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