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Shrinking Lips – What to Do?

lip plumper for aging lips

No thin aging lips here! Dr. Gross will suggest the right injectable lip plumper for you.

As we age there are several facial features that change and cause us to look older than we feel, and how we think we should look. One of the main areas are the lips. Over time our lips become thinner and wrinkled, similar to a grape becoming a raisin. Around the edge of the lip, lines begin to develop allowing lipstick to feather. Vertical lines appear above and below the lip. They are often referred to as “smoker’s lines”. Even if you don’t smoke, or ever smoked, eventually they will come.

Facial fillers have increasingly become popular because of all the amazing things they can fix like shrinking lips. The latest filler from Allergan is Volbella XC. It is one of the newer generations of longer lasting hyaluronic acid fillers. Voluma XC and Vollure XC are the same formula, but are just more concentrated, often used to fill deeper lines and for lifting and contouring. Volbella XC has been a great addition to the filler line for the patient who would like to soften some of the signs of aging around the mouth but also want a soft, natural look. You can still look like you, just a little bit younger!

How Long Will My Lip Augmentation Last?

As a hyaluronic filler is a temporary treatment, the length of time it lasts is variable. It is always an experiment the first time a patient tries a filler to see how long it will last for them. For the majority of patients Volbella XC will last a year. It is a beneficial product for the patient who would like to add subtle volume to the lips and smooth the appearance of the vertical lines both on the lips and around the mouth.

Want a Plumper Look?

There are some patients who would like a fuller, plumper lip and Dr. Alexander Gross can achieve your desired look by adding a filler like Vollure XC. However, he strongly urges his patients to go slower to begin with, and once you know how your lips respond, you can always go bigger if desired.

Other Fillers & Botox

Lips are not the only facial areas that fillers and Botox can improve for aging patients. Facial wrinkles, crow’s feet, fine lines, thinning lips, and hollow areas (or fat pockets) under the eyes, as well as a hollowing to the midface, temples and cheeks. Botox and cosmetic fillers to the rescue!

There are many dermal cosmetic fillers available to help reverse the signs of facial aging. It’s important to select a highly trained injection specialist like Dr. Gross who can correctly use these cosmetic fillers where they will achieve the best results.

Ready to get started? Request an appointment for a consultation with Alexander Gross, M.D. at his Cumming office at 1505 Northside Blvd., Suite 1500, Cumming, GA 30041 770-781-5077.

Dr. Gross treats patients from all over the North Atlanta area including Alpharetta, Roswell, Suwanee, Duluth and Canton.

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