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Oh no! My little black dress doesn’t fit!

little black dressAs for many women, fall is a time to change out the closet. Bring out the fall and winter clothes and put up the warm weather clothes. At the same time, you look over your holiday garb including your favorite little black dress. Just for fun, you try it on. That’s when the frightful moment arrives, it doesn’t zip! A glance in the mirror reveals the problem. You have a few more lumps and bumps than you had last year right around your mid-section and buttocks. You think to yourself, this is not fair. You’ve been eating right, exercising. How could this happen?

With age comes a shift in body shape. There are a few reasons why fat starts accumulating in your stomach as you age and it’s primarily the reality of menopause. As you age, your metabolism slows and hormones change. Even the distribution of fat changes; the fat in your arms, legs and hips gets smaller while your belly gets bigger. This redistribution of fat, also termed “the middle age spread,” happens because of the way aging women break down fat and because of the various hormone changes that are happening to your body.

Dr. Alexander Gross at Georgia Dermatology Center in Cumming, GA has hundreds of women patients who come to him for skin problems. Many don’t realize that he is an experienced cosmetic surgeon and has been helping women get back their shape through liposuction for over 20 years. Over the years liposuction methods have gotten better and now there is very little down time after liposuction. Click the blue link to find out more about liposuction +.

Also, for those who would prefer a non-surgical method of treating stubborn fat there is Vanquish. Vanquish permanently dissolves the fat after 4 or 5 non-invasive sessions. Click the blue link to learn more about Vanquish+.

With today’s modern technologies in treating belly fat and back fat, Dr. Gross can have you back in your little black dress in time for the holidays. Because of his excellent reputation as an experienced body sculpting physician Dr. Alexander Gross has patients come from all over the Atlanta area including Alpharetta, Roswell, Johns Creek, Marietta, and Suwanee. Call and schedule your consultation today.

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