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Is Milk Bad for Your Skin?


Milk, is it bad for your skin?

Just think of all those years you spent drinking milk as a toddler, guzzling milk at school lunches, and now eating yogurt as an adult… all in the name of health. But does milk really do a body good? When it comes to your skin, not necessarily.

Cow’s milk, both organic and otherwise, contains its own hormones and growth factors that our bloodstreams absorb. These hormones can contribute to acne in women. Dairy products are also pro-inflammatory. This means that drinking milk could worsen acne and also accelerate aging. So, find your calcium in other forms, such as dark leafy greens and tofu.

If you’re experiencing breakouts, or other skin irritations, talk with Dr. Gross to rule out whether or not consuming dairy products could be contributing to the problem.

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