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Don’t Wait – Now’s the Time for Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal WinterThe Advantage of Winter Laser Hair Removal Treatments

Laser hair removal is best done in the winter months. Unlike the spring and summer months, you won’t be spending extensive time out in the heat during the winter. This means that you will have a lot less damage to the skin to worry about before and after treatments, as treated skin can be more sensitive to sunlight in most laser treatments.

You will also be spending more time indoors overall, which will give your body the proper time to heal between treatments. And since multiple treatments are common for permanent hair removal, you can get this done in the winter months so your skin is in great shape for fun in the sun.


Did you know that 61% of women are interested in laser hair removal? Laser hair removal is the #1 aesthetic treatment in non-invasive cosmetic procedures. However, only 9% of women have actually had laser hair removal treatment. Some of the common reasons people don’t have laser hair removal is because they think it will hurt and perhaps not work in removing the hair effectively.

Georgia Dermatology Center uses Syneron’s Candela GentleMax Pro which is one of the leading and most innovative laser hair removal devices available.

The GentleMax Pro device has the powerful 755nm Alexandrite laser with the similar prevailing 1064nm Nd:YAG laser. Together the lasers produce a 20/22/24 mm Large Spot Delivery System for optimum results. Moreover, the device has longer pulse duration, a user friendly interface and a new level of efficiency. And as it happens, the GentleMax Pro is the quickest dual wavelength hair removal laser available today.

Syneron’s Candela GentlePro Max is a type of laser hair removal designed to remove hair long term. Plus, follicle depth is not an issue. As well, the hair removal process is able to treat larger areas more efficiently and quickly such as the back and legs. Likewise, the laser procedure can considerably decrease patient treatment time without any reduction in efficiency.

The most common and recommended areas for hair removal include back hair, chest hair, underarm hair, facial hair and beard bumps. As for the number of treatments, generally a series of visits to your dermatologist is recommended. This is because; your hair is in the growing stage about 85% at any given time. Unfortunately, the laser only affects the hair follicles that have hair in them. Generally, there are about one third of your hairs in the growth stage. Additionally, hair has three phases; a resting phase, a dormancy phase and a growing phase.

The number of treatments is about three sessions. Further, about once every one or two years another treatment is needed for maintenance. However, the amount of treatment can vary per patient.

In the News

According to a Woman’s Health article (October 12, 2015), the best possible results for hair removal is with Syneron’s Candela GentleMax Pro with GYag laser. With the consultation of a leading expert with a medical degree from Harvard and Yale, S. Manjula Jegasothy, M.D., founder of Miami Skin Institute. Syneron’s Candela GentleMax Pro hair removal devices offer the best results, regardless of skin color.

Georgia Dermatology Center

When it comes to utilizing the Candela GentlMax Pro laser hair removal system, you want the very best service offered. One of the leading dermatologists in hair removal, located in the Atlanta area, is Alexander Gross, M.D. Not only has Dr. Gross attended medical school at the University of South Florida’s College of Medicine but he has completed a dermatology fellowship and residency at Vanderbilt University. As well, Dr. Gross is board certified in dermatology and internal medicine.

The Georgia Dermatology Center is located in Cumming and serves numerous cities such as Alpharetta, Gainesville, Milton, Roswell, Sandy Springs and Suwanee. As well, if you have any questions or concerns, contact one of his knowledgeable staff members.

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