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Body Contour Boost: The Best Ways to Improve Your Body Shape

photo of smiling young woman holding a scale | Dr. Alexander GrossCarrying a bit of unwanted fat? Been exercising but still can’t seem to get the figure you want? Don’t despair there are ways to get your ideal body even when diet and exercise just don’t seem to work. Vanquish, Exilis, and liposuction are safe, quick ways to reshape your body.

Vanquish is a painless, no-touch body contouring treatment that uses radio frequency to burn fat. Ideally used to target unwanted belly fat and love handles, Vanquish covers a large area in one treatment, which may reduce the number of overall treatments needed to achieve your desired results. The procedure is FDA approved and non-invasive with permanent results. Convenient and easy, these 30 minute sessions once a week are often described as relaxing and warm, and the best part is most patients see results in one session and achieve optimal results in four to five sessions.

Like Vanquish, Exilis uses radio frequency to target fat cells and improve skin laxity. Originally designed to reduce wrinkles, doctors discovered that Exilis also reduces fat deposits. These 20 minute sessions target desired areas melting fat and increasing collagen production. Most patients see results after one session with maximum results after four or five. Painless, non-invasive, and FDA approved, Exilis can target those areas unaffected by diet and exercise with the added bonus of no downtime.

Perhaps the most well-known of the treatments, liposuction, surgically removes unwanted fat. Most procedures are done in your doctor’s office using local anesthesia. Unlike the other options, with lipo, you will need someone to drive you home, and you will have a few days recovery time. In addition, you will need to wear compression garments for a few weeks. Lipo is not painful and carries few side effects. To maximize improved appearance, the incisions are kept small and done in inconspicuous areas.

Each option offers different benefits, and you should consult with your doctor if you are interested. For optimal results, you may decide to combine two or more of the treatments in combination with a healthy diet and exercise.

If you are in the Atlanta area, contact Alexander Gross, MD at Georgia Dermatology Center and Medical Spa for a consult. Alexander Gross, MD is board certified in both internal medicine and dermatology, and he stays of the cutting edge of his field. Renowned for “talk-esthesia,” the art of calming patients through conversation, Dr. Gross offers a soothing environment to address any of your dermatological or aesthetic needs.

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