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Bellafill – the Dermal Filler Designed to Last Longer

Bellafill is a highly developed version of Artefill, but only better. It is an FDA approved soft tissue facial filler used as a permanent implantation into the skin. Generally, it is used to correct smile lines or nasolabial folds in both men and women. Unlike most dermal fillers that are absorbed and involve reinjection, Bellafill is a non-resorbable dermal filler. In addition, it is approved for the correction of facial acne scars on the cheeks that is moderate to severe in patients 21 years or older.

Bellafill is a combination of PMMA microspheres (20%), bovine collagen (80%) and a local anesthetic such as lidocaine. The polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) are a synthetic implant material that is about 30 to 50 microns in size which is just barely naked to the eye. And as with any dermal filler, an allergy skin test is needed prior to the first use. Most importantly, Bellafill should only be administered by a licensed practitioner.

A Popular Dermal Filler

Bellafill is the dermal filler designed to last longer. As of date, it is the most popular dermal filler on the market because of its long lasting features. As well, it is known to have immediate results such as providing lift and volume, an outstanding lip augmentation, lifting wrinkles and helping with scars (mostly acne).

Long-Lasting Results

To add permanent support and to smooth the area, Bellafill is injected directly beneath the wrinkle. And because the PMMA microspheres are not absorbed into the body (non-resorbable), the injectable fillers last a whole lot longer than other dermal fillers. Moreover, the PMMA microspheres stimulate the body so that it produces its own natural collagen. In result, about 20% microspheres (by volume) and 80% of a patient’s collagen permanently fill the wrinkle.

During the first two weeks, the bovine collagen is slowly absorbed. In turn, new collagen is generated which replaces the bovine collagen. And because the absorption is slow and the skin is naturally replenished, the results are enduring and long lasting.

A Note on Acne

Jan. 7, 2015 – Conferring to WebMD, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved Bellafill for the treatment of acne. This remarkable gel is injected into the affected area to help lift and smooth out the pitted areas that are scarred evenly with the surrounding skin.

Frankly, there was certain research that caught the FDA attention and led them to approve this amazing gel. In the study, 64 percent of 87 patients with Bellafill treatments stated that their skin improved six months afterwards. Whereas, with placebo treatments only 33 percent of 46 patients saw improvements. Moreover, 84 percent of the patients with Bellafill said they were either “very satisfied,” “satisfied” or “somewhat satisfied,” there are only 54 percent of patients who are satisfied with placebo treatments.

Georgia Dermatology Center

If you are considering Bellafill, the treatments are generally done in the office. For the most part, it takes about 15 minutes for treatments. At the Georgia Dermatology Center, prior to treatment, a consultation with Alexander S. Gross, M.D. is needed.

Additionally, an allergy test to make sure you are not sensitive to bovine collagen is needed prior to the procedure. Once you have the treatment you will see instantaneous results.

Nevertheless, there are times when more than one treatment session is necessary for ultimate results. If more than one treatment is needed then the sessions are generally three to six weeks apart.

For question, concerns or for more information, contact the Georgia Dermatology Center. You can also schedule an appointment for consultation with Dr. Gross For convenience, the Georgia Dermatology Center is located in Cumming, GA serving the Atlanta area and cities of Alpharetta, Sandy Springs, Gainesville, Milton, Suwanee and Roswell.

Note: This article is not intended to replace professional medical advice. If you have any concerns or questions about Bellafill treatments, make an appointment with Dr. Gross, M.D. or a physician in your area.

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